ey, Tribal People! In a few minutes, the mana enchantment will start. Each of you will be able to call the Hero using mana mined during the ritual! Let’s talk about the mining efficiency of different cards, the duration of the ritual, and the heroes you’ll be able to call.

How does it work?

ur dearest Tribal Books community, we are sorry for our silence and thank you for your patience! During those months of silence, the Tribal Books team developed and tested three different early-stage gaming prototypes, one after another. And finally, we have made some significant progress in our work, getting closer…

Symbols of the Ancient Civilisations

ncient civilizations had no written languages. They created symbols to store the most precious knowledge and descriptions of ancient magic that has been collected by generations of sages. They wrote the symbols on the walls of caves, on stones, and then onto parchment, which would become these civilizations’ most sacred…

Tribal Books

Tribal Books, a brand new free to play online trading card game. Players will square off against each other in a turn-based on-chain magical adventure using NFT

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