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Tribal Books
3 min readNov 14, 2020

“You are the champions, my friends! You keep on fighting till the end. “ — do you hear the voice singing in your head! This song is for you, the QUEST warriors!

Only those of you who were actually looking for the answers were able to reach the goal, and some of you have will get the most desired prizes: 5 of the rarest Mythical Atlantis books of forces and 20 legendary Atlantis Books.

The prizes and our congratulations fly to: (list of winners here)

All other participants who completed only the first 8 steps have got their 4 guaranteed NFTs.

Where the Wrong Codes Came from & Where the True Codes Were Hidden

In this part, we will look over all the places where the true codes were hidden. But before this, a brief explanation of the wrong codes which were drifting between those members of the community who were looking for shortcuts.

For building the Tribal Books Quest, we used sweepwidget.com. As it turned out, the service has a bug that allows users to draw out the codes from the side of the client.

And here is a few important things regarding the rewards for the winners:

- because of that bug, to ensure the balance, we also had to replace an epic card with the unique one;
- all participants who entered wrong codes and broke the rules (or they won’t be able to explain their provenance) will be fined 5 points per cheater word, and their codes also won’t be counted;
- we won’t be able to send prizes to those who entered the wrong WAX account during the registration. Please be more careful next time the prizes will be sent soon.

And now let’s go to the real codes:


It’s written on the wood. INGOLDWETRUST

Tribal Books: Lost city legend confirmed 1:00


Listen to the birds chirping! 42

Double pictures https://tribalbooks.io Home page 42


Look for it in the darkness! ARCANA


Search in the fire! PRIESTESS

Unpacking video at tribalbooks.io


Look for it near the water! SHAMAN


Solve the puzzle 14.8

( 10+14/ 2 )+(100/5)*(1/2/5)-(2*2.1)=14.8


Let the Symbols guide you! ARTIFACT

Bonz announces the secret code during the interview (1:08:54 video).

The one thing we can all agree on: it was an ADVENTURE. The first adventure for the original members of our tribal community, but for sure not the last!

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Tribal Books

Tribal Books, a brand new free to play online trading card game. Players will square off against each other in a turn-based on-chain magical adventure using NFT