Get Ready to Enchant the Mana

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2 min readNov 12, 2021


Our dearest Tribal Books community, we are sorry for our silence and thank you for your patience! During those months of silence, the Tribal Books team developed and tested three different early-stage gaming prototypes, one after another. And finally, we have made some significant progress in our work, getting closer to what we ultimately want as an end result. Because of a limited product budget, and therefore a small team, we have not been able to progress as quickly as you and we would have liked. Before today we didn’t have much to talk about, but now we have a piece of exciting news to share with you. The next pre-game phase of the project: The Mana Enchanting is on its way and will go live before Christmas 2021! Screams of joy could be heard from the depths of Atlantis and to the hilltops of ValHalla and the Vikings!

As you might remember, mana is a magical substance that at some point could be received from the burning of symbols and then be used for purchasing new assets. Here we present another way to receive mana — Mana Enchant.

Mana Enchant the next pregame phase of the Tribal Books.

Stake your ancient symbols and books. The amount of mana you receive will depend on the rarity and quantity of your assets.

Your cauldron holds a limited amount of Mana, so come back regularly to collect your Mana or you might lose some of it.

Call for the Hero

Use your ✨Mana to call upon an ancient Hero, which will be very helpful to you in the future of Tribal Books. A Hero Pack will contain one of 144 heroes. Each Hero has a rarity and belongs to one of six nations. You can also stake your hero and get more mana.

Get prepared for the Ritual of Forces

The Ritual of Forces is quite a magical procession, after which all the symbols will receive their gaming numbers. The time for this Ritual of Forces will come only when the Tribal Book community enchants enough mana..

We’ll unveil the dates regarding the Mana Enchanting in two weeks. In the meantime we return to the depths of the Tribal Books dungeons to keep working on the next iteration of the game prototype.



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