Launch of the Tribal Books’ Assets Sale: the Date Is Set!

This manuscript carries secret info about the very first Tribal Book’s assets sale. The latest news about the sale of unique powerful game assets — the Symbols of the Ancient Civilisations. So please, share it only with people you completely trust.

November 11th is the date of the Tribal Books NFT asset sale. Remember it!

You can get magical symbols in four different packs. Only spirits know which specific cards you’ll get in the pack (you can look through the figures regarding the chance of the rarest cards in the pack on the site). There’s one thing you can be sure of: those packs will contain unique NFT playing cards that won’t be reproduced in such a view in the future.

List of packs:


With this pack, you’ll get 10 сards of different rarity. 2 Rare cards and 1 Unique card are guaranteed. The probability of the Mythical card is increased. The number of assets in this pack ensures a fine chance to get something worthy to start the game with and will provide a good assortment of cards to trade with others as well.


There are ten cards of a different rarity, chosen randomly; 1 Legendary and 1 Epic card are guaranteed. The Legendary pack will contain quite a wide variety of cards, ensuring a good combination of the various types of strong moves and the bonus cards with a high level of rarity. This pack could provide the most winning combination for you.


With the pack, you’ll get three assets of different rarity. Yet the probability of a Mythical card here is higher than in any other pack. You can try your luck with a few Booster Packs. Maybe the Mythical card will be your reward. As you probably know, The Mythical card is the greatest trump in the Tribal Books chases.


With this pack, you’ll get one Tribal Book of Forces. The Book is the only way to make the ancient forсes your faithful servants. All magical forces of each Tribe are tied to an appropriate Tribal Book by ancient connection. Playing and winning enables the user to achieve the knowledge which is key to bring forth the next magic force of the Tribal Book.

And just in case you’ve forgotten: Tribal Books is a free-to-play online digital collectible, step-by-step, NFT-card game by WECAn, in its early stages of development, coming soon to the WAX blockchain.

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Tribal Books, a brand new free to play online trading card game. Players will square off against each other in a turn-based on-chain magical adventure using NFT