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The cards are the key assets of Tribal Books. A player makes moves, sets obstacles for his opponent, and escapes from someone else’s traps using the cards. He forms the deck for each round separately before the game starts by combining the cards he owns before the round. The player can plan his strategy based on the different qualities of the cards and their ability to interact with the different characters and books, depending on which element they belong to.

The huge advantage of the SYMBOLS, (the assets from “Symbols of the Ancient Civilisations” collection) is that they are universal, and can interact with all the characters, and all the books.

There are different types of cards, divided by tribes, use-cases, rarities, and elements. And all this info, as well as the energy you need to use the card, the power of its influence, you can learn from the card appearance.

The color of the card frame

A Picture — a unique visual part of every card, which determines its functionality.

Power — depends on the type of card. This figure can mean distance of movement, range of action, amount of cards it affects.

Energy — the number of energy points you need to burn to use the card

A Name — an exclusive title of the card.

A Description — a text which describes the action the card causes

An Element — the card can belong to either one of the four elements or be universal (interact with all of them).

Type of the card — all cards differ by the way they can be used. There are movement cards, obstacle cards, obstacle remover cards, interaction with the deck cards, and energy cards

*We are going to add all the elements onto each minted card right after the game balance has been completed.
Until then, some elements will be hidden.

The color of the card frame determines the level of its rarity.

  • grey — common;
  • brown — rare;
  • blue — unique;
  • purple — epic;
  • yellow — legendary;
  • red&black — mythical.

Each of the cards has its own advantage. Though the rarer the card is, the bigger the chance it’ll become a trump in its owners pocket. Yet the common cards exist to supply the players with ordinary, but useful moves. So, to compile the entire collection is the right way to be fully prepared.

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Tribal Books

Tribal Books, a brand new free to play online trading card game. Players will square off against each other in a turn-based on-chain magical adventure using NFT