Mana Enchanting and Its Magic Numbers

Tribal Books
2 min readDec 21, 2021


Hey, Tribal People! In a few minutes, the mana enchantment will start. Each of you will be able to call the Hero using mana mined during the ritual! Let’s talk about the mining efficiency of different cards, the duration of the ritual, and the heroes you’ll be able to call.

How does it work?

It’s time to get your ancient symbols and books out of the chest, and let the magic begin! First, you will stake all your cards in this sacred place here.

Come back every day to collect your mana. Otherwise, you will lose some.

You can call the Hero anytime when you will have enough mana in your account.

Once you call a Hero you’ll get a pack with one hero inside.

Price of the pack6000 Mana;

There will be 3000 packs overall;

Probability of heroes in the pack by different rarities:

common — 52%

uncommon — 24%

rare — 11%

unique — 8%

legendary — 4%

mythic — 1%

The mana enchanting will begin immediately after you stake.

Enchanting power by the types of cards

Each card has its own enchanting power which depends on its type and rarity.

The ancient symbols (mining power mana/day)

The magic books (mining power mana/day)

The heroes (mining power mana/day)

Prepare all your cards to be among the first ones who’ll have managed to call the hero.



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