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Symbols of the Ancient Civilisations

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3 min readNov 11, 2020

Ancient civilizations had no written languages. They created symbols to store the most precious knowledge and descriptions of ancient magic that has been collected by generations of sages. They wrote the symbols on the walls of caves, on stones, and then onto parchment, which would become these civilizations’ most sacred artifacts; their Tribal Books. Those books were guarded as the most priceless treasures.

Advantages of the Symbols Collection assets

The symbols are limited

We are proud to present our very first collection of ‘Tribal Books’ cards — Symbols of the Ancient Civilisations. This collection will be the rarest and most limited edition series of cards. These specific assets won’t be reproduced ever again.

The symbols are universal

The Symbols Collection cards have another very important advantage compared with assets that will be launched in the future. These assets are universal. They have the support of ancient spirits, so they can interact with all types of characters and all kinds of books.

About the different kinds of books. Each tribal book holds the forces, which belong to a particular tribe. A lot of assets launched in the future will be compatible only with certain kinds of books, or with one specific book. The huge advantage of assets from the Symbols collection is that they can be used with any of the books and by any of the characters.

About the different types of characters. Each player has their own character and each character has specific characteristics. Players will upgrade their character during the game, round after round. Also, the character can belong to one of the guilds of elements (wind, fire, water, earth, or air). That gives him an advantage on some segments of the path.

In the future, other kinds of cards will be minted, which will interact only with characters of a particular type. That is why this collection of Symbols are one of the strongest armament for any descendant of the ancient tribe.

November 11 (5PM UTC) is the big day when the Ancient Symbols Assets Sale begins, the only event where you will be able to get these exclusive Tribal Books assets, the symbols of ancient civilizations, that won’t be reproduced in such a view in the future.

Ancient Symbols Assets Sale

What do I need to join?

A WAX cloud wallet with a certain amount of WAX on it is all you need to participate in the sale. Also, please make sure that you will go online on time, and don’t miss your chance to get these exclusive Tribal Books Assets that you want to have.

How will everything happen?

The sale will be held on the Tribal Book site using the WAX Cloud Wallet. After purchasing, the pack will appear on your page. Also you can overview on the Atomic Assets marketplace.

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