Tribal Books: Coming Soon to WAX

Tribal Books, the free-to-play online digital collectible, step-by-step, NFT-card game, is about to launch its initial Card Sale. For players, the Cards Sale is an opportunity to get the unique limited edition NFT playing cards that won’t be reproduced in the future.

The very first Tribal Books NFTs will be available for purchase in the form of packs. Each card and Tribal Book is a rare collectible and tradable asset, assigned to its owner on the blockchain. This initial series of Tribal Books NFT’s are being issued on the WAX blockchain. For future releases, the Tribal Books NFT assets may be issued on multiple blockchains.

Why WAX?

We’ve decided to launch Tribal Books on WAX since it’s a unique platform that proves itself as a working and user-friendly chain which through its WAX Cloud Wallet provides a frictionless way to access dApps and store digital items and crypto balances.

WAX cloud wallet is a simple, instant, secure, and global way to use blockchain dApps, with registration only in two clicks using a favorite social platform.

The Assets MarketPlace

The Tribal Books project is going to use the Atomic Assets standard for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which completely fits the project’s current requirements. Also, we were looking for the most convenient marketplace for our users and we believe that we’ve found it. The Atomic Hub is the premiere marketplace on WAX. It showcases the Atomic Assets NFT’s and is simple and easy to use. Players will be able to view their Tribal Books’ NFT cards and Tribal Books artifacts in their inventories, as well as utilize the Atomic hub marketplace to buy and sell Tribal Books NFT’s.

The Tribal Books initial Cards Sale will be the only opportunity to get these packs of unique NFT-assets. Once they are sold out, they will only be available for purchase on the secondary market.

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Tribal Books, a brand new free to play online trading card game. Players will square off against each other in a turn-based on-chain magical adventure using NFT