Tribal Books: Features Which Make The Game Special

Tribal Books is the second big project created by the team, specialized in on-chain game development. This free-to-play online digital collectible, step-by-step, NFT-card game that will get together your desire to collecting, building short and long term strategies, fighting with a foe, and competing with other players on the way to the ultimate goal, which is the revival of the Tribal heart-cities.

Here about those the basic features, which will make your path marvelous and full of adventures.

PvP Battles

The game consists of a sequence of PvP battles with randomly chosen equal-accounts competitors. The player should combine a limited amount of his cards in the deck before the round starts. Also, the player chooses one of his Tribal Books with magic forces to use those forces from the book during the round. So the player starts each round with a new deck of cards and a new strutegy. If it doesn’t work, swap the cards and start all over with a new competitor.

NFT cards

Each card is a collectible and tradable asset, assigned to its owner on the blockchain. There are two kinds of NFTs within the Tribal Books: the cards and the tribal books.

After every battle, the winner receives knowledge that helps him to study the Tribal Books and open new magical forces tied to it. Each Tribal Book is an NFT-asset by itself. The more magical forces are open, the more valuable the Book becomes. The player can trade his Tribal Book with all forces tied to it.

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Tribal Books, a brand new free to play online trading card game. Players will square off against each other in a turn-based on-chain magical adventure using NFT