Tribal Books Lights the Secret Fire of Symbols and Announces NFTs Staking

Tribal Books
2 min readDec 1, 2020


Attention tribe members, ancient symbols collectors, and holders of the sacred Tribal Books. We have important news for you.

This initial collection of Tribal Books NFT’s, the Ancient Symbols collection, represent very important moves and actions within the game and are universal to all tribes.

We want the Ancient Symbols collection to remain among the most rare and sought after collectables. So, we have decided we will light a sacred fire and burn all remaining packs on this Friday, December 4th. All Symbols, which remain untapped in the Tribal Book storage, will be burned and gone forever.

This week will be the last chance to purchase these packs from our site.

After packs of symbols are burned and gone forever, the only way to get them will be to purchase from your colleagues on the Atomic marketplace.

For now, Tribal Books NFTs are among the most expensive ones in this marketplace.

Yet there are still a few days to get packs of Symbols at a cheaper price directly on the Tribal Books site.

We believe everyone who has decided to take part in this initial sale and join the Tribal Books journey, had enough time to get ready and equip himself with powerful symbols. If you still do not have your sets complete, or want to save some of these special limited edition packs for the future, there are still some packs available on the site.

Go and get right now:

Many of the most valuable cards are still hidden in the unpacked packs.

Staking of Tribal Books NFTs

After the secret fire of Symbols burns down, the Tribal Books project will launch staking of NFTs. Being staked, NFTs will bring some profit to their owners, while the team will be working on the game.

One more thing, a staking bonus will be awarded to those who stake the FULL COLLECTION of Symbols in any rarity.

Hurry up to gather your own collection! Only 3 days left.



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