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4 min readNov 9, 2020

November 11 is the big day when the Ancient Symbols Assets Sale begins, the only event where you will be able to get these exclusive Tribal Books assets, the symbols of ancient civilizations, that won’t be reproduced in such a view in the future.

The biggest advantage of Symbols, including their very limited edition, is that the Symbols are universal. They have the support of ancient spirits, so can interact with all types of characters (characters might belong to different guilds of elements) and all kinds of books (each book belongs to a specific tribe). In the future, the book or the character will be able to interact only with a certain kind of asset.

The event will start at the same time as the online live-streaming of unpacking by hosts of a few cool Youtube crypto channels listed below:

Bad Crypto Podcast or

You can find here updated YouTube links soon.

The sale will last until the last pack of Symbols will be sold.

What do I need to join?

A WAX cloud wallet with a certain amount of WAX on it is all you need to participate in the sale. Also, please make sure that you will go online on time, and don’t miss your chance to get these exclusive Tribal Books Assets that you want to have.

How will everything happen?

The sale will be held on the Tribal Book site using the WAX Cloud Wallet. After purchasing, the pack will appear on your page. Also you can overview on the Atomic Assets marketplace.

To open the pack and reveal the artifacts hidden within, you should execute an age-old ritual above each of your packages. After that, the assets will be opened and will appear on your page.

Do not miss this chance to get these unique NFT-assets with in-game utility during this early stage of the project development. Join the Tribal Books Cards Sale and be among the first to acquire these rare assets.

What kinds of packs will be available?

You’ll be able to purchase 4 different kinds of packs. Three of them are with cards, the last one holds a book of forces. The assets for each specific pack will be chosen randomly. Yet each kind of pack has its own percentage of probability for cards of specific rarities. You can get more details on the site.

There are books of 5 different tribes in the Symbols collection. Еach of them presented in 6 different rarities. So 30 books overall.

The total number of cards is 187, including 13 Mythic Cards, 16 Legendary Cards, 21 Epic Cards, 28 Unique Cards, 52 Rare Cards, and 57 Common Cards.

List of packs:

Starter Packs (2000 packs will be available)

With the pack, you’ll get 10 сards of different rarity. 2 Rare cards and 1 Unique card are guaranteed. The probability of the Mythical card is increased. The number of assets in this pack ensures a fine chance to get something worthy to start the game with, also you can trade some unnecessary cards.

Legendary Packs (1500 packs will be available)

There are 10 cards of a different rarity, chosen randomly, 1 Legendary, and 1 Epic card are guaranteed. The Legendary pack will contain quite a wide variety of cards, ensuring a good combination of the various types of strong moves and the bonus cards with a high level of rarity. This pack could provide the most winning combination for you.

Booster Packs (2000 packs will be available)

With the pack, you’ll get 3 assets of different rarity. Yet the probability of a Mythical card here is higher than in any other pack. You can try your luck with a few Booster Packs. Maybe the Mythical card will be your reward. As you probably know, The Mythical card is the greatest trump in the Tribal Books chases.

Book Pack (1500 packs will be available)

With this pack, you’ll get 1 Tribal Book of Forces. The Book is the only way to make the ancient forсes your faithful servants. All magical forces of each Tribe are tied to an appropriate Tribal Book by ancient connection. Playing and winning enables the user to achieve the knowledge which is key to bring forth the next magic force of the Tribal Book.

The “Ancient Symbols” Sale is a great chance to get exclusive assets for the Tribal Books NFT game in the early stages of its development. There are thousands of variations for each pack of cards, each with a specific use case in the game ,and that makes the sale even more exciting.

Don’t forget to have your WAX cloud wallet ready with wax tokens to participate in the sale!

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