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Attention tribe members, ancient symbols collectors, and holders of the sacred Tribal Books. We have important news for you.

This initial collection of Tribal Books NFT’s, the Ancient Symbols collection, represent very important moves and actions within the game and are universal to all tribes.

We want the Ancient Symbols collection to remain among the most rare and sought after collectables. So, we have decided we will light a sacred fire and burn all remaining packs on this Friday, December 4th. All Symbols, which remain untapped in the Tribal Book storage, will be burned and gone forever.

This week will…

Tribal Books just finished the biggest giveaway Quest among the WAX projects. During this giveaway, the project distributed assets of more than $15 000. So who has got the treasure?

Specially minted cards and books were shared among the participants of the Tribal Books Quest. An additional special edition set was created specifically for members of the Nifty box subscription in conjunction with our partners This was the first exclusive Special edition set of Tribal Books created, and we have no doubt there will be more in the future.

“You are the champions, my friends! You keep on fighting till the end. “ — do you hear the voice singing in your head! This song is for you, the QUEST warriors!

Only those of you who were actually looking for the answers were able to reach the goal, and some of you have will get the most desired prizes: 5 of the rarest Mythical Atlantis books of forces and 20 legendary Atlantis Books.

The prizes and our congratulations fly to: (list of winners here)

All other participants who completed only the first 8 steps have got their 4 guaranteed…

Symbols of the Ancient Civilisations

Ancient civilizations had no written languages. They created symbols to store the most precious knowledge and descriptions of ancient magic that has been collected by generations of sages. They wrote the symbols on the walls of caves, on stones, and then onto parchment, which would become these civilizations’ most sacred artifacts; their Tribal Books. Those books were guarded as the most priceless treasures.

Advantages of the Symbols Collection assets

The symbols are limited

We are proud to present our very first collection of ‘Tribal Books’ cards — Symbols of the Ancient Civilisations. This collection will be the rarest and most limited edition series of cards. …

November 11 is the big day when the Ancient Symbols Assets Sale begins, the only event where you will be able to get these exclusive Tribal Books assets, the symbols of ancient civilizations, that won’t be reproduced in such a view in the future.

The biggest advantage of Symbols, including their very limited edition, is that the Symbols are universal. They have the support of ancient spirits, so can interact with all types of characters (characters might belong to different guilds of elements) and all kinds of books (each book belongs to a specific tribe). …

The cards are the key assets of Tribal Books. A player makes moves, sets obstacles for his opponent, and escapes from someone else’s traps using the cards. He forms the deck for each round separately before the game starts by combining the cards he owns before the round. The player can plan his strategy based on the different qualities of the cards and their ability to interact with the different characters and books, depending on which element they belong to.

The huge advantage of the SYMBOLS, (the assets from “Symbols of the Ancient Civilisations” collection) is that they are universal…

This manuscript carries secret info about the very first Tribal Book’s assets sale. The latest news about the sale of unique powerful game assets — the Symbols of the Ancient Civilisations. So please, share it only with people you completely trust.

November 11th is the date of the Tribal Books NFT asset sale. Remember it!

You can get magical symbols in four different packs. Only spirits know which specific cards you’ll get in the pack (you can look through the figures regarding the chance of the rarest cards in the pack on the site). …

Tribal Books, the free-to-play online digital collectible, step-by-step, NFT-card game, is about to launch its initial Card Sale. For players, the Cards Sale is an opportunity to get the unique limited edition NFT playing cards that won’t be reproduced in the future.

The very first Tribal Books NFTs will be available for purchase in the form of packs. Each card and Tribal Book is a rare collectible and tradable asset, assigned to its owner on the blockchain. This initial series of Tribal Books NFT’s are being issued on the WAX blockchain. …

Tribal Books is the second big project created by the team, specialized in on-chain game development. This free-to-play online digital collectible, step-by-step, NFT-card game that will get together your desire to collecting, building short and long term strategies, fighting with a foe, and competing with other players on the way to the ultimate goal, which is the revival of the Tribal heart-cities.

Here about those the basic features, which will make your path marvelous and full of adventures.

PvP Battles

The game consists of a sequence of PvP battles with randomly chosen equal-accounts competitors. The player should combine a limited amount of…

Tribal Books

Tribal Books, a brand new free to play online trading card game. Players will square off against each other in a turn-based on-chain magical adventure using NFT

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